There is no new year / Revised to do list.

Life is continuous.
It doesn't matter you seperate it into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or years.
Life is continuous.
Within the birth your limited period of life journey will start through the unknown moment of your death.
Who knows when and where it will happen?
No one.

Life itself is simple and will keep going on changing miliseconds to miliseconds.
We all have the power to chance all our habits in a second.
A simple trick I was using for this is to remind myself the question "What did you have at your first cry, few seconds  after your birth?
Answer is simple nothing.
Then you started to learn things, believe thoughts, add materials and surround your mind with thousand of beliefs.
The cause of your happiness and unhappiness are these things which filled your life.
Permission was given by you.

Draw a line from your birth to today and keep going on drawing to future.
(If you believe you are immortal line can be long )
So think how many people entered your life and how many is still in your life, how many you stopped your relationship and how many stopped to have a relationship with you.
How many things you love are still with you, how many throwed to rubbish by you.

Don't forget that value is not a concrete thing.
So change your plans, change your habits, add things to your life, remove things from your life.
Live in a dynamic way!
Otherwise your life is a second hand life lived under the light of other people's thought.

I wrote this because my finger tendon was seriously injured yesterday in a training session.
I was coming close to good shape in climbing and ready to start second period of my training plan to achieve my bouldering goal for Fb 8a.

Me on one my training session ( I am a businessman )

But now they all gone.

I have to wait.
I have to change all my to do list for the near future.
I have to change my sports.
I have to adapt myself to other values of my life.

I am lucky enough that I'm practising lots of sports and always try to give my all.
Now I have to change my direction to running, cycling for the near future.
Also I have to think more about mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and some other projects of mine.
My new plans are:

To train for 50k,100k running
To train for 350-400k/ a day cycling.
To work hard on my micro adventure projects.
To develop my outdoor photography.

I would like to finish one good quotes from Pema Chödrön
“Meditation practice isn't about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It's about befriending who we are already.”

Keep living in adynamic way!

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