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Stand out from the crowd...

You have a product or service. So does everybody else.
Differentiating your product , service, brand or event from all the advertising noise out there is difficult - but not impossible.
Seeing your company logo running the city, climbing a building, or on the summit of the mountains is spectacular - and surprisingly achievable...

Support / Sponsorship

There are multiple opportunities for sponsorship;  from individual expeditions to long-term sponsorship opportunities that can take your brand on a global, multi-sport journey.
Social media brings the creative & extreme into your living room, you need brand ambassadors who are accessible yet extreme; professional yet ground-breaking - in short, able to represent your brand/campaign in a professional, safe manner in some of the most extreme places & sports in creative way on earth!
Climbing, long distance running, mountain climbing,, alpinism - Bahadir Elverdi is an active, creative and experienced multisport athlete who can bring your ideas to life.

Stunts / Events

So you want to add something that will have people talking about your event for months to come?

How about climbing your building in an opening event?
How about skiing in the city center?
Or running long hours on the crowd?  
These events are guaranteed to grab attention - and the stunning photo and video footage provides longevity for future print & online campaigns.
Whatever your idea for your campaign, we can make it happen; so give  a call