Darica Half Marathon 2014

My first HM (half marathon ) was Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon on 27/04/2014 which I ran at 1:54:20.
My routine before attempting this race was playing soccer once a week and running 5k twice a week.
And as usual I paid the bill..Didn't not able to walk after the race day.
After running the first HM I aproach to the matter like " now you have a real result which you can manage to develop "
I check the race calendar and registered for the Istanbul Marathon.(It will be my first marathon)
Find out a marathon training plan then started training.
But I made a mistake.
During rest day I go to cycling long kilometers.
Then 2 days later during 18k running I started to feel pain on my knee.
Thought that after I finish my training it will go. But not .I felt apart 2 weeks from training.
After this  empty days the first running attempt was 20 minute 5:30/k pace.
I don't feel comfortable.Keep going on easy cycling.
After testing myself with Nike's Run Istanbul 7k in 31:56 I feel pain again on my knee.
Before or after a half marathon don't forget to smile

I was registered for Darica as a part of my marathon training.
So I started recovery process. Ice, NSAII anti-inflammatory and quit running and hamstring strenghtening.
The day for the race came.
I prefer to change my shoes from Asics to Kalenji for this race.
With 3,5 hours sleep I woke up and it took 2,5 hours to reach the course.
The question is still on my mind what will be the reaction of my knee.
I also have a goal to finish better than the my first HM.
Warm up with my friend Asli and after the start run the first km around 6:30/k.
Then speed up to 5:00/ k pace.
But quickly faced with water problem.There was no water left at the 5k station.What a shame.I thought that still there are a lot runners behind me.
Keep running and keep my speed at the same pace.
I reached the 10k station and get the first bottle of water and tell the people at the station to bring more water for people behind me.They are all young guys.
I started to feel pain around my knee and changed my stride.The road started to be destroyed tarmac which is a bit downhill for around 1k and accelerate my knee pain.I saw the first athletes here which are leading the race.
Around 12,5 k station I grab a bottle of water and for the first time and find chance to use a  gel that I bought from GNC
I feel fueled up around 15k pass.
Steep part of the race started and pace will drop automatically.
Last 1 km I increased my speed to reached my goal.
Before running the course I was thinking to finish under 100 minutes 1:40:00.
But during the race I clearly understood that it seems not possible at this course.
I finished the race at 1:46:08 which is not bad under these conditions.
Now I edit my goal to finish a HM under 90 minutes 1:30:00.
It is a realistic goal with a training program and without an injury I try to beat it at 26/04/2015

Results 2014

-Race pack is good.
-Start and finish line are good.
-Good prizes for the top runners.

-Race conditions/comfort for the runners is not good.Water was a big problem.
-No bananas or anything to fuel your body on the stations

Above all we have to thank to organizers for the event.
More events, more runners, more healthy and happy people and good organizations.

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