Vodafone Istanbul Marathon 2014

Tomorrow I'm going to run my first marathon.A marathon is 42 km ( 42.195 m )
Night before the Istanbul Marathon

If I asked myself "Why I decided to run a marathon " the answer is as clear as great mountaineer Mallory's answer that he  gave to the question "Why do you want to climb Everest?"
"Because it's there"
For me it's hard and not necessary to give long answer. I think if the answer is not simple there is a problem.
Doing lots of different endurance things on my life teached me that there is always a solution and when you stopped trying it's the limit that you set for yourself at that time not the potential of you.
I was training for 5 to 6 hours in 2 training sessions a day and 4-5 times a week for climbing 8-9 years ago and running a bit to keep my body at that good shape.
At 2011 I ran my first 8k distance in Istanbul Marathon and like it.Before that the longest distance I did was 5k in Abbasağa park.
Then 2013 I tried 10k at Istanbul Marathon and feel good.
I decided to push more after that race.
Then my first half marathon was at 2014 Istanbul Half Marathon. It was my first and did not train a lot
( In my whole sport life I was not able to finish any of the training program.)
After that I decided to run Darıca Half Marathon to check improvement after training.
I realized that my knee is not in good condition.The course has down hill parts which causes pain.
I still have injury on my right knee.


To run my first marathon I did not attend Antalya Middle Distance Triathlon few weeks ago.( Anyway I'll be in  Gloria Ironman 70.3 in Antalya 2015 ) If you would like to support contact me?
About hitting the wall, I knew that.
Mentally I did more challenging things in my life so it will be hard but can be handle.
Tricks of my mind will be defeated :)
Once I read an article about great Jerzy Kukuczka at the very beginning of my mountaineering at 2000.
It's written that he did not eat anything for 48 hours to experience his body reaction when he was child.
The day after I tried it and succeed (not easy but ok )
To develop your mental and physical limits there is only one way.
You have to push your limits.
Ok last few words.
My aim is to finish under 4:00 rather than finishing.
Sure then I give 6 weeks running break to heal.
But planning to do 900 k bike tour :)
"Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality" Bruce Lee

I will take a photo after 42.195 m /after the marathon one more black finger

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